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AlgoAchievers: What is the Next Big Step of Algo Trading

Algo Trading has been gaining popularity since it was introduced. Its interesting concepts and accessibility makes it unique, and hence also provide an unparallel position in the trading industry. A recent proposal from SEBI on the framework that is set for algorithmic (Algo) trading targeted many investors and brokers that seek the rise of the use of API’s.


This refers to the retail investors who are directly dependent on the automated programs to execute their trading games. As we are aware that Algo Trades mainly mean automation of the process for the trading, but we need to also understand that process that is automated is also constructed by a person and one needs to be very sorted and informed about in what strategic logic he is investing his money into. In easy words, Algo trading is the system itself operating and processing the markets and suggesting or sometimes even taking decisions to whether invest the amounts or not and precisely without any human intervention.


SEBI and Algo Trading:

 While API access is something that connects systems across, it is majorly used to build huge and interconnected systems that run automatically to provide output depending upon the inputs assigned. These are the real-time connections between the trader and the user. The traders can therefore even use it as a third-party connecting application, which is provided in the markets. However, not all Algo’s are regulated. Once designed, the Algo’s need to have confirmation from the stock exchange to validate them.

The process of ordering API can be identified as a prominent one to be able to differentiate between Algo and Non-Algo But since the Algo verifications fail at the first step of identifying if they are regulated or not, the system results in the results of the unapproved orders into concepts that might be beneficial at all, or in fact might cause losses.

Further to this SEBI has also expressed unsurity like the services offered. Because the services offered by the Algo trading business are very much unregulated and also many brokers are taking advantage of the industry to fill their pockets by making false promises. And we need to have sure shot processes planned about how to go about it.

The current structure fails at multi-levels, it can explain how the investors can be safeguarded. The integrity and of the markets can also fail when the current structure is taken into account. Trading is a huge business and such issues cannot be entertained in the markets. And a strict structure, therefore, becomes mandatory.

These structures are also very much important because the losses caused to the investors have a direct effect on their thought process of theirs and to the community can therefore can dissolve the value of the markets. We need to be very much in consideration of not hampering the markets because of a few unorganized institutions.

Now people are all becoming computer literates and therefore it is causing people to gain more and more computer knowledge. And India, therefore, is in the need the revisiting the plan that is set by the brokers. So that the structure is more regulated and organized to be able to provide more reliable options. The Algo needs to be structured by a setup like the Algo trading needs to have approval from the stock markets which then the brokers can use for their investments and can support their requirements. Hence the investor can be dependent on the broker.

Algo trading can very much get the hype it deserves and get successful if and only if we are ready to commit the complete security it is required, only then I can stop itself from diluting the markets and hence making a space that healthy for both the investors and the markets.

Markets vs Algo trading:

 Algo trading with its all functionality can be the biggest break in the trading industry, which it is already being, but however, the unprocessed issues are too getting the hype because of the unregulated system it is following. There is very much of a need to get markets to function the way it is required. With this, it refers to how it responds to the new Algo that is being introduced. Markets are always succulent to good investors and unregulated Algo can therefore cause them harm.

The SEBI has proposed a very strict option to stick to some ground rules that shall be created therefore avoid creating a market that people fear, the markets have come far ahead and have become more accessible now, The credits can definitely be given to the technology and to the Algo Trading trends. Which we need to make sure that we do not further.


Algo Trading FAQ’s:

What companies use algorithmic trading?

Most companies have created them in house Algo trading system, those that have been getting profits out of Algo Trading. We in our previous blog have provided the name of companies that use Algo Trading, you can always access the information through the blogs we have provided. You can visit us at AlgoAchievers.


Who uses algorithmic trading?  

Algorithmic trading is used mostly by day traders and those who are new in trading and wish to explore options. Algo Trading is also used by the retailer who wishes to invest in sales but however does not have enough time and investments to do so. Algo trading has definitely captured markets and is all set to go far ahead.

How much do algorithmic traders make?

Algorithmic Traders make about anything from 20,000 Dollars to about 5,50,000 Dollars. However, your earnings out of trading depend on various other factors too. Be it your investment of time and money or be it your dedication in the process, your ability to take risks, and your knowledge about the other related factors is what makes you earn in Algo Trading.


Why is algorithmic trading bad?

 Trading of any kind could be considered as risky, but with Algo trading that factor is low, but the concern would be Algo trading will completely be depended on the codes it is designed and also the strategy that is imbibed in the process, now if you are using an unregulated Algo trading, it can cause you a lot of losses.

Is algorithmic trading legal?

Yes, indeed it is, but there are unregulated Trades that have caused chaos in the markets. Therefore one needs to be very much aware of your investments before going ahead in this regard.

What percentage of the market is algorithmic trading?  

Algo Trading has taken a swirl and is growing pompously in the markets, it is expected for Algo Trading to take a toll over the markets in the upcoming years. However, currently, in Indian markets, the Algo has captured over 50%, which is boosting in other places. While in US it is about 63% – 70%. And this is expected to grow, in markets that are completely developed we can see that the markets have boomed up to 70% – 80%, and even is expected to rise till even 95% in future.


What percentage of forex is algorithmic trading?

Forex is the foreign exchange that is a global concept to be able to trade beyond currencies. This market automatically considered the values of the currencies without any hassle therefore you can trade overseas without any particular efforts. The Current percentage of the Forex in Algorithmic trading is about 85%.

Is the stock market run by algorithms?

The Stock markets definitely have a close relation with Algorithms, but however, wouldn’t be fair to say stock markets are run completely run by Algorithms. They have shares that can affect the markets at larger shares.

What percentage of the stock market is high-frequency trading?

High-frequency trading is a type of trading that works on financial trading which is characterized by high speeds. Not only that but also high turnover rates and also high ratios that assure the functioning of the orders at a very high level. The percentage of the market that is at a high level is about 50% currently and is growing at a very high pace.

What percentage of trades is institutional?

Institutional Trading refers to those who buy and sell trades for accounts that they manage for an institution. This is when people invest and manage their shares in a group handled by one particular person or group. To be precise reports show that most of the trading that occurs in the markets is through institutional trading. And the expected percentage of trading is about 70%.

Do banks use algorithmic trading?           

Algo Trading which is also known as algorithmic trading is being used by a lot of institutions, including banks. However, it cannot be stated that all banks use Algo Trading. Around 50% of banks are expected to be using Algo Trading, and also out of which 70% of their truncations use Algo Trading.


Does Goldman Sachs use algorithms?

The journey of Goldman Sachs is shared in one of the blogs by AlgoAchievers. You can refer to it to know his complete journey as an Algo Trader. Yes, currently even he is investing in Algo Trading, in fact, he has also launched his Algo Trading platform.

Is algorithmic trading illegal?

No, Algo trading is allowed in India and is legal, however, on a personal level you need to be really aware of the systems you are associated with, as an Algo trading.


Who is the richest stock trader?

The richest Algo Stock trader is George Soros, whose net is worth is around 8.3 billion Dollars.


How fast can you learn Algo Trading?

There isn’t an estimate of the time that can be predicted required for anyone to learn Algo trading, because trading isn’t a theoretical process, it requires your time, interest, and presence of time, therefore you can learn it depending upon your skillset, your intelligence and the information that is already with you and how much flexible are you in willing to learn new things.


Is algorithmic trading successful?       

Yes, with its progressive approach and ability to grow at this pace, Algo trading definitely is ruling the markets in most cases and is successful, however because of some unregulated platforms the Algo Trading can have a bad image created.


Are algorithmic traders profitable?

Yes, indeed they are. Algo trading is one of the blooming platforms that trading has witnessed. It has taken over the markets in recent years and has seen a lot of advancement. Therefore Algorithmic Traders are very much profitable.


Is algorithmic trading 2021 Profitable?

Algo trading is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms in the trading industry. And the Algo trading industry is expected to overtake most other types of industries in future coming years. Algorithmic trading is the future, but only regulated trading will have a promising future in the industry.


Is algorithmic trading easy?

Yes, algorithmic trading is comparatively easy. All you need to be aware of is the steps involved and making sure if you are well updated with the trends and are focusing on how the algo trading options are getting updated.


Is algorithmic trading the future?

Future is something, one can never be 100% sure of, and that is why we can assume about something happening. But however, if we clearly analyze the market trends and the facts of how markets are rapidly adapting to the Algorithms we can be sure that Algo trading definitely has a massive move and storm in the trading business.

AlgoAchievers is focusing on keeping you guys updated on the information. We are dedicated to routing the investors to trading methods and helping them with the right process. Even if you are very much new to trading we assure you through the process with complete guidance from the industry experts. And you can always learn Algo trading and its basics manually by going through the blogs offered by us. Look for more blogs on our website AlgoAchievers.