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Who are we?

AlgoAchievers is a financial aiding company that helps you dive into the world of Algorithmic trading with our end-to-end trading algos, and we provide complete reliability with our trusted network and codes. We have constituted a space dependable and open for all traders to come experiment, experience, and learn to trade.

What do we do?

AlgoAchievers, with the uniquely designed bots, have you surf through very quickly and create the possible best choice. Our bots are completely AI driven. Our distinctive range of bots do all the work, and our apt strategies give you an edge in tech trading experience.

Algo Achievers for Financial Freedom

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We, AlgoAchievers provide you with an We, AlgoAchievers provide you with an Artificial Intelligence – Fully Automated Algo Trading Robot for Intraday Trading in Indian stock market.

Our Fully Automated Robot will Buy and Sell BankNifty – CALL or PUT Options automatically with high speed and most accurate prices, in your own Demat account for Intraday Trading, Without any human interventions. You need not to place buy orders or sell orders manually. You Need not to learn Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis to earn money from the stock market. You need not to watch financial markets on television.

Here is a one-stop solution for all your financial problems. Earn money from the stock market every day by subscribing to our Robot.

Our Robot will take Entries, place Targets, Stop Loss, Averaging trades, and Hedging trades automatically, it’s all predefined and fixed values. Hence our Robot completely avoids Human Emotions.

We are having 13 years of experience in Bank Nifty Intraday Trading and we are using this algo trading software for 3 years without any errors.

There is NO holy grail strategy in Stock Market, No Strategy will work 100 percent accurately throughout the year. So, We developed our own six intraday trading “NO LOSS” strategies, completely back-tested and fine-tuned for more than 80% accuracy. Our strategies are based on “Price Action” only. Which are “Dynamic Support and Resistances”, “Camarilla Pivot Points” And “Previous Day High – Previous Day Low”. We are not at all using any delayed/lagging indicators.

Depending on Today’s market Open Price, Robot will Select one most accurate strategy among the six strategies and it will be deployed automatically for today’s trading.

If the market is moving upward from Support levels, then the robot will buy the CALL option. If the market reverses, the Robot will exit the CALL option and buy the PUT option immediately within a fraction of a second. It means our Robot will take the position according to the direction of the market.

If the market is moving downward from Resistance levels, then the robot will buy the PUT option. If the market reverses, the Robot will exit the PUT option and buy the CALL option immediately within a fraction of a second. It means our Robot will take the position according to the direction of the market.

Our Robot will take maximum of 4 to 5 trades in a day. All are exited on the same day. We will not carry forward any trades for tomorrow, Purely Intraday only. Our Robot will generate signals using BankNifty SPOT price in Amibroker Chart and take Entries in PUT or CALL Options using our own Option Converter.

Our Robot will buy “OUT OF THE MONEY” CALL or PUT Options with a premium of around 200 rupees.

Regarding trades; We are maintaining a 1:4 risk-to-reward ratio.

If there is a profit, then it will be around 2000/- rupees per trade per lot.

If there is a loss, then it will be around 500/- rupees per trade per lot.

In the case of Options, Target will be around 80 to 100 points and the stop loss will be around 15 to 20 points.

“Money Management” is very much important to make consistent profits in the stock market. Our Robot will trade in 1 lot for 25,000/-, 2 lots for 50,000/-, 3 lots for 75,000/-, and so on. Our Robot will take care of Money Management also.

For Example: If you are having 1,00,000/- rupees in your own Demat account, Robot will utilize 20,000/- to 25,000/- rupees for Intraday trading which is only one-fourth of your capital amount in your Demat, to maintain the Money Management skills. Hence your Capital is always safe in your own Demat account.

Our Robot will make a profit of Approximately 2,000/- rupees per day. Hence, for 20 trading days in a month, You may get profits of around 20,000/- to 25,000/- rupees in a month after deducting losses, on your capital of 25,000/- rupees in your Demat account.

We are providing Web-based applications, your job is just to “LOG IN” to our application and Switch ON/Generate Token every morning between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Our Robot will automatically trade for you, using our backend VPS servers and accurate signals throughout the day, and makes profit every day for you. You can engage/concentrate in your own job happily. Our Robots are specially designed for working professionals.

If you don’t have a laptop? No high-speed Internet? No uninterrupted power supply? No stock market data? Nothing to worry…! Our VPS Cloud servers will manage and take care of all the above under one roof.

We are providing you with SIX NO-LOSS strategies, AWS-Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud servers (VPS), High-speed Internet, High-speed stock market data from Global Data feed, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Licence, Our Services, and many more. All these facilities are provided to you by AlgoAchievers with a minimum cost of flat 9,999/- rupees per month. No other hidden charges.

We also provide very accurate intraday BankNifty Options trading calls as per our robot for a lifetime free, in our Telegram channel.

Subscribe to our Telegram Channel https://t.me/AlgoAchieversClub

For Six months of back-tested reports and performance reports please visit our website: Www.AlgoAchievers.com

Our Robots work fine on platforms of AliceBlue, Angel One & Fyers.

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History of Algo Trading

The Roadmap

1920s- 1940s
Installation of the first stock information DB

The Western Union launched its Ticker-5A, a 500-character-per-minute “black box”

Harry Max Markowitz introduced computational finance

Michael Goodkin partnered with Harry Markowitz to place the first arbitrage trade using computers

Jim Simons founded Renaissance Technologies

The hedge fund and The New York Stock Exchange launched its “designated order turnaround”

Electronic CN created

To communicate directly without intervention

US introduced decimalization

A developer at AQR Capital Management, created a Python data manipulation and analysis software

Networks launched dark fiber services

The most trustworthy and fastest services between the greater New York and greater Chicago

Nano trading technology launched with a bang

Launched a brand new service with $30 million investment, which turns social media streams into actionable trading signals, a huge step towards the development of Algo trading industry

Increasing virtually instant impact

On April 2nd 2013 the SEC and CFTC to levied restrictions on public company announcements through social media

Algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading

Michael Lewis published his book Flash Boys in 2014, the book presented an account of the lives of Wall Street traders

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission

They proposed rules represented a series of risk controls, transparency measures for Algo trading, it almost seemed like a breakthrough

Covid-19 gave an impetus for human traders

Market participants turned to tested Algo trading strategies during periods of volatility and reduced market liquidity

Algo Effeciency

Speed Of Execution


Total Subscribers

Sustainable Growth

Your steady growth is ensured, with steps that are most reliable

Your love for trading and our passion to provide a bot-oriented platform to get the best results. AlgoAchievers is the answer for all your Algo Trading-related concerns.

Trend Identification

Algo Trading helps you track past trends, and hence can predict the future trends of the market

Position Sizing

Codes and Robots have no emotions and function on predefined Algorithms, hence can maintain your position sizing very well

Stop Loss Modification

The strategies can build a much safer mode of monitoring the losses and reducing them through the codes


Constructive codes that can automate your buying and selling process for optimum results with the help of Algo Trading

Reduced Risk Factor

Play safe and make the best use of your money and trading knowledge to earn profits in a much easier method

Intraday Trading

Algo Trading also exposes you to many good options to trade on daily basis, you can always even automate the process

Ask us anything!

Frequently Asked

The minimum investment required is Rs.50,000/- for BankNifty Options Intraday trading. Beyond 10Lakhs, funding may be expanded in multiples of 5Lakhs. (i.e. 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L….)

Once you’re subscribed, we will take complete responsibility for the operations of your trading account. You will need to just trust the bots and relax.

Trading may be a very excessive volatile business. Our trading fashions/strategies are nice time tested and established to be profitable. So approach wise risk is 0%.

Yes, they are free. But to avail it, you need to open a trading account from us. This will provide you with complete access to all our free trading courses.