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AlgoAchievers: Discovering the trends of Algo Trading

What is Algo Trading:

The flourishing industries have a grave impact on the methodologies used. We have dealt with many such aspects that come across the businesses as hurdles, in the beginning, however, to be only proved as the most beneficial aspects in the end. Change is constant, and the ability of businesses to adapt to these changes decides their future.

One such factor is technology, yes it’s been there for some time now, however, most businesses and methods that exist find the shift a little tedious, one such field is Trading.

Trading is one of the most pacing industries that have garnered fame in recent times. While trading isn’t a new topic but factually it wasn’t available to people that easily and the mention of it also worried people because of the risk it carried. But with the introduction to online trading and in specific Trading with the intervention of bots, i.e. Algo Trading, things have gone far beyond and accessibility is now possible.


What you should know about Algorithmic trading:

Algorithmic trading doesn’t mean there is no intervention of humans, it refers to having humans control the robots and use them for more precise results. Or deplete the randomness using pre-recorded Algorithms.

The past scenario wasn’t much welcoming for interested algo traders. There was very high qualification required and they were expected to build a very reliable and highly sophisticated model for traders. While this closed the paths for many keen algo traders who wanted to try their luck.

But the advancement in the industries has made Algo trading much more accessible. This has made Algo trading a more open field and hence the field itself has seen immense growth and acceptance.


How to be a Trader at Algo Trading?

In the below sections we have outlined the steps to become Algo Trader, and you can then use the bots of AlgoAchievers to start rowing your boat.

Step 1: You need to learn the essentials:

It is very important for anyone interested in learning Algo Trading to be thorough in the core and related areas of Algo Trading. Algo trading requires to have a few skills very is a multifaceted field which requires keen knowledge in three domains, namely,

  • Financial Markets Knowledge
  • Quantitative Modelling
  • Programming Skills

Quantitative Modelling:

 If you are already acquainted with step one, you are directly moving towards step 2, while your step one knowledge is enough for you to start trading at a very basic and low level, but if you wish to take trading as a full-time profession you need to be good with Problem-solving skills. These skills are very highly valued. And most recruiters across trading firms consider them to be very essential.

  • Keep working on statistical data.
  • You need to be also working with algorithmic trading.

Financial Markets Knowledge:

This is very important knowledge to be aware of; a coder or a developer working under a trading firm should also have decent financial knowledge.

The Financial needs to be about:

  • Trading instruments and their types
  • Risk management
  • Arbitrage opportunities
  • Types of strategies
  • Options pricing models


Programming Skills:

 These skills are essential to growing well in the trading business as Algo Trading, in particular, depends on it.

Also, programming isn’t one-time learning, you will need to be ready to learn the languages again and again when new languages are being introduced. You need to be enthusiastic and interested in programming particularly. And if you want to master your skills you need to be very much aware of the fact that only and only practice can make you a professional. Keep yourself ever charged to practice coding.


Step 2: Algo Trading Professional is the next step?

You can refer to the articles that teach you about Algo trading from scratch, you can also refer to the videos that put you through this complete understanding to be an Algo trader, plenty of which are available online.

You can utilize real market data for exposure. You will also need to learn the basics to create a great trading algorithm.


Step 3: Learn while you earn:

You will need to practice the skills you have to learn and not just by playing safe. Entering the professional arena is one of the most skillful ways to sharpen your skills and learn while you make mistakes and earn is by taking a job or freelancing with Algo trading.

This is the simplest yet necessary step.


FAQ’s that most traders’ ant answers for:

Businessman touching stock market graph on a virtual screen display.

 Is it profitable to be a day trader?           

Being a day trader could be just like trying your luck without any specific trading skills, which is not recommended. Either you can be a very well-trained trader who is aware of the details about the trading and is practicing it for a long time to ace and earn in day trading.

But otherwise, it’s seemingly a matter of luck, and profits are usually minimal.   

Can you make 1000 a day trading stocks?

The answer is in the previous question.

In addition, this is not completely impossible, if you have very good knowledge about trading and if you know the minute details then you can try, but your capital should exceed the Rs.50,000 mark.

Can a day trader make 1% per day?        

Earning from trading is a job of risk, however, here are a few steps recommended to earn from trade:

  • Knowledge is important: You need to be aware of technicalities and the functions of the stock market before you start investing. Blind games or trails are not very welcoming factors in trading. You will either need to learn things professionally or at least must have done fair research to start with.
  • Invest wisely: Money is a factor for most traders, the more you invest, the more the chances of you earning higher returns, but this shouldn’t allure you to invest without any second thoughts, you need to invest with a complete understanding of the stock market and by being responsible of your investments, some wisdom might help you go a long way.
  • Manage time: Trading indeed requires your attention. Remember it’s not your fixed deposit that you pay almost no attention to, this is your trade, your stocks, and your money, just the market doesn’t belong to you and can drop at any time, and therefore you need to have time to keep managing your investments.
  • Start with minimum amounts: Better to start safe, trading means risking, is true. But when you have a chance to play safe with little investments then why complicate. You need to understand the sensitive patterns, get acquainted with the sensitive details and patterns of the market, and then maybe you can risk it, also might be then a wise decision to invest huge amounts. But until then play safe, and invest little.
  • Risks are important, but with safety: Yes, like stated above risks can be taken either when you can survive after the loss or if you are confident with your market knowledge, otherwise, it can affect you severely if you do risk but without understanding the probability of the outcomes.
  • Plan: This is the key for traders who wish to make a serious career in trading and stock markets and wish to earn huge amounts. Because you need to get the knowledge you have knit well to get desired outcomes. Trading is art too, which requires a lot of dedication and effort, and planning can always take you a long way ahead.


Day trader makes how many trades a day?         

A trader might take a few to 100 trades depending upon how frequent and well-planned his game is.

Why day trading is a bad idea?  

 How day trading could just not pay you enough is explained in the earlier FAQ, here are a few reasons why you can consider day reading:

  • Discovering the trading is your motto: Only if you wish to understand the basics and possibilities of outcomes, without any expectations and reasoning.
  • You are researching about trading works: If you are a learner or educator or someone who finds joy in the finding of new things then day trading could be your thing with minimal bonus, losses could be your fees and profits, just a reward for learning well or a jackpot. You do not have time to invest and want a quick experience: Time is a concern, and you do not take any risk but want to see how Algo trading or any other form of trading works and experience it then day trading could be your thing.
  • You also do not have enough capital, so want to try day trading: If you do not have huge capitals to invest, and cannot risk your money then you can simply start with day trading with little amounts so that you do not have to risk your savings and still learn to trade.
  • You do not have huge expectations, you are just exploring trading: Exploring could be sometimes a risky thing when money matters are involved. Therefore day trading could be a pretty much safe option to work with.
  • You love challenges and risks, but for the sake of excitement and not earning basically: For those who find joys in playing with share markets for the thrill of it, and do not expect to learn much and neither wish to lose their money can choose day trading.
  • You face trouble while setting boundaries, therefore want to play it safe: Do you go with the flow and sometimes can’t stop yourself, probably even gambling interests you then, where profits can allure you to invest more and loss can trigger you to invest more than before to revive losses? Then you should probably try day trading.
  • You are worried that you might get addicted to trading: As suggested earlier most people get worried about trading only on a daily basis because it can get you to want more and more and eventually leading for you to getting stuck in the vicious circle. Then you can always explore day trading.
  • You want to get rich, real quick, but fail to understand trading well: Similar to the cases of explorers or experience seekers where you have knowledge and money but the time isn’t your factor, therefore you wish to experience, explore and earn all the same time and earliest.
  • Some market influencers or brokers asked you to do so: Now this is how you want to take it, most market influencers suggest you take certain steps depending on situations and can’t be generalized. Therefore before you listen to anyone make sure your expectations and the suggested results from the match and your goals are aligned, if not you shall not get desired results.


There are a few sarcastic possibilities, hope you get those, if you find it hard to understand then either learn plenty of skills before you actually start trading, or comment down below, we shall help you with the answers, and guidance too.

What percentage of day traders are successful?       

Trading or Algo trading is just like any other business, but with extreme loss or profit possibility. While you can be the trader who deals with trading on a daily basis or someone with exceptional skills, if so, then it is definitely known to you that you didn’t come this far without risk. Risk is a constant while you are trading you will always need to know that.

And in the general estimate is that the success rate of traders is only 10%

Do day traders lose money?

Indeed. There is no gain without loss, even philosophy states that. Losses are part of every business, however, there are more evident and prominent in trading if not done with understanding and knowledge.

Researches have suggested that on an average 70% of traders lose money every quarter.

Trading or Algo Trading is a matter of experience, understanding, and learning. Do you want to have either or all three? Reach out to our team, ready to help you through the process. Visit AlgoAchievers